Aimco Career Paths

Jason Kessler
Vice President of Operations
Jason 's Career Path with Aimco
My career at Aimco can be summed up with one word: OPPORTUNITY. We have a culture of collaboration to find a better way to serve our residents and team members. Each day presents an opportunity to excel not only your career but someone else’s as well, and that makes the difference between a job and a career.
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2011 General Manager (Michigan)
2013 Regional Manager (Chicago)
2013 Director of Ops (Maryland)
2016 VP of Operations (Philadelphia & NYC)
Jason Kessler
Priscilla Gonzales
Regional Manager
Priscilla's Career Path with Aimco
Aimco provides me with the tools I need to remain successful. There is always a leader or a peer who has been though the challenges I face and I am confident there is always someone I can count on. We have created a culture where we are open and free to collaborate with one another no matter the region we are in.
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2002 Receptionist
2003 Leasing Consultant
2005 Leasing Manager
2007 Asst. Community Manager
2009 Community Manager
2012 General Manager
2013 Regional Property Manager
Priscilla Gonzales