Conserving Resources

We are dedicated to finding innovative ways to be a good steward of the environment, reduce our energy usage and create a smaller carbon footprint. Aimco incorporates green building concepts and energy efficient measures into all our redevelopments and renovations. We provide Energy Star appliances, LED lighting and water-smart irrigation systems to aid in these efforts. Plus, since 2006 we’ve had a designated Energy Team that seeks innovative approaches to conserving resources while being cost efficient and promoting a comfortable living environment for residents.

Since 2006, we have helped take care of the environment in a variety of ways:

  • $68.7 million invested in energy conservation projects
  • 407,000,000 gallons of water saved
  • 1,989,000 natural gas therms conserved
  • 33,600 metric tons of green house gas emissions eliminated
  • 39,542,000 kWh of electricity saved
Vice President of Energy Martin Sprang stands in the cogeneration plant at Aimco property in Philadelphia. The plant is projected to yield results that are 250 percent more efficient than traditional, centralized electric power stations.