Conserving Resources


We make full use of existing infrastructure by redeveloping existing properties and investing systematically in building systems that use water and energy more efficiently. Several of our properties are on the National Register of Historic Places, including Bank and Boston Lofts in Denver, Calhoun Beach Club in Minneapolis, Lincoln Place in Venice, California, and six communities in Philadelphia: The Sterling, Park Towne Place, Riverloft, Locust on the Park, The Left Bank, and Chestnut Hall.

When we construct new properties, for example Park Mosaic in Boulder, Colorado, and Indigo in Redwood City, California, our design and construction are recognized as environmentally sensitive by the LEED rating system, Cal Green or Boulder Green. Our communities like One Canal in Boston and Vivo in Cambridge are designed to enhance their neighborhoods and incorporate technology – improving the ability of Aimco and our residents to manage carefully water and energy use.

In 2018:

  • $218M spent to redevelop or upgrade existing properties
  • $61M spent to construct new communities


Preserving and using natural resources wisely is an Aimco corporate value. At the center of our water management is a commitment to use only what we need. We have made substantial investments in systems that monitor water usage to identify areas of potential concern before they become costly or chronic. We have a team specifically focused on energy and water conservation programs to improve efficiencies, help our residents manage their water and energy use to achieve cost-savings to them, and to reduce adverse impacts to our environment.

  • 1,012,550,393 gallons of water saved through efficiency over the last ten years
  • 4% decrease in overall consumption from 2017 (55,757,193 gallons saved in 2018)


We track energy use through a dedicated conservation team to manage our costs and reduce adverse impacts to the natural environment. We have made substantial investments to change our energy sources to cleaner steam and natural gas, and away from heating fuel.

  • 236,284,599 kwh of electricity saved through LED and efficient fixtures in the past 10 years
  • 10,149,495 therms of natural gas conserved in the past 10 years
  • 191,158 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions eliminated in the past 10 years
  • 60 conservation projects in 2018, including low flow projects, LED investments, irrigation improvements and more
  • $4.5M invested in conservation in 2018
  • 209 electric vehicle charging ports

Historic Preservation Awards:

The Sterling, Philadelphia, PA (2018)

Park Towne Place, Philadelphia, PA (2017)

Lincoln Place, Venice, CA (2015)