Trusted Leadership

Our experienced, dedicated Board of Directors brings deep expertise and sound decision-making to Aimco. The board helps us articulate our purpose and the ways in which we aim to make a positive contribution to society.

The Board sets an example of personal integrity and professional accomplishment for all Aimco teammates. Transparency to shareholders, diligent compliance with laws, regulations, and industry standards as well as the higher standards of their spirit, an uncompromising commitment to Aimco’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics define Aimco and how we treat customers and teammates. It also guides how we address issues ranging from a safe and respectful workplace to participation in the betterment of the communities where we do business.

Policies and Ethics

We have been a leader in the establishment and implementation of corporate governance practices, adopting policies and procedures long before they became industry standards, or NYSE or SEC requirements. Underlying our business activities is a commitment to our core values of integrity, respect, collaboration, performance culture, and a focus on customers.  Our corporate philosophy is founded upon high ethical standards and professional responsibility.

Aimco Code of Ethics

Aimco’s corporate philosophy is founded upon high ethical standards and professional responsibility. Each and every individual within our organization must observe these principles. Aimco is committed to conducting its business in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations and the highest standards of business ethics so as to earn the public trust.

To ensure compliance and strict adherence to government regulations and industry standards and their spirit, Aimco teammates must pass annual courses including Fair Housing, the Fair Labor Standards Act, REIT requirements, and Aimco’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.


  • Supermajority independent board
  • Intentional balance of different backgrounds and experiences
  • Board refreshment, self-evaluation by the Board
  • Disciplined balance of retention for institutional memory and recruitment for fresh perspectives
  • All Standing Committees are composed entirely of independent directors
  • Independent director stock ownership averaging $2.1M


  • Meets regularly independently of CEO with access to additional resources as needed
  • Lead director engaged in setting agendas, executive sessions
  • Regular access to and involvement with management   
  • Active committee chairs directly engaged with management 
  • Accessible to stockholders
  • Practice of continued discussion until a consensus is reached 
  • Requirement of annual election by a majority of votes cast, backed by contingent letters of resignation


  • Code of Business Code of Conduct and Ethics
  • Anti-bribery/anti-corruption policy
  • Policy on use of company funds for political purposes
  • Valuing a Culture of Respect: Anti-harassment Training
  • Confidential whistle-blower access to our General Counsel and to the Board itself
  • Compliance (Fair Housing, Equal Employment Opportunity, Insider Trading)
  • Proxy access 
  • Vendor Code of Conduct
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety policy and performance reports